Duggan Brothers (Contractors) Ltd.

This company is fully aware of the need to emphasise the requirement for achieving sustainability at the design, value engineering and construction stages of all our projects.

We have ongoing experience of a wide range of sustainable measures and products on projects we have completed or are currently involved in. Among these we would note the following:-

  • Solar shading and screening.
  • Night-time cooling through use of concrete floor slabs thermal mass.
  • Ground source heat pump systems.
  • Use of green concrete products to reduce the embodied CO2 value.
  • Improved insulation of building envelopes.
  • Emphasis on use of energy efficient equipment and plant in the building.
  • Ground water attenuation systems.
  • Permeable concrete paving blocks.
  • Underground waste systems for improved segregation of waste streams.
  • Offsite manufacturing options including precast concrete and steel instead of insitu concrete frames, bathroom and kitchen pods, timber and light weight steel structures achieving the following benefits:-
    • More controlled working conditions and higher quality as a result.
    • Higher levels of performance and efficiency.
    • Less material wastage.
    • Overall reduction in transport.
    • Shorter build time and less environmental impact.
  • Recycling of demolition waste including crushing and re-use of concrete etc.
  • Sustainable refurbishment with emphasis on the re-use of original materials where feasible.

Duggan Brothers (Contractors) Ltd Management and Employees

  • We will establish objectives and targets in our Environmental Procedures.
  • We will provide the necessary Training for all of our staff to understand and contribute to this policy.
  • We will maintain a policy for continuous improvement in our Environmental Procedures

The Directors of the Company are totally committed to the above policies and will continually review and improve the effectiveness of our management system and request the co-operation and assistance of all to this end.