Abbott Ireland, Dryer Plant, Cootehill

Dryer Plant, Cootehill, Co. Cavan, Abbott Ireland Ltd.


The works comprised of the construction of a new 5-storey dryer building with associated ancillary buildings and ground works.

The new dryer facility effectively increased production in the plant by 40%.

A major element of the project was interfacing without disruption with the existing operational plant which is a milk powder processing facility and dust ingress of any type would have been detrimental.

The project was finished to a high standard with extensive use of non-slip floor tiles to falls and epoxy floor and wall finishes. The dryer tower had to be practically complete 5 ½ months after we started on site to facilitate the erection of the dryer cone within the tower. As space was very tight co-ordination of services and general construction was a major element of the project. The project was completed with the minimum disruption to the operation of the plant.