Ballymun Junior Comprehensive School

Refurbishment of Junior Comprehensive School at Ballymun Road, Dublin 9.


This Project involved the phased refurbishment of the existing junior comprehensive School at Ballymun Road, Dublin 9. The refurbishment works included stripping back the existing school to a shell with roof remaining and re-fitting out including replacement of mechanical and electrical services and the construction of a new entrance hall and social areas. The works were completed in two phases with school operating in half of the original building during phase 1 and then moving into the refurbishment section to allow the remainder of the work to be carried out.
Particular Challenges: The main challenge was that work was being done in phases with part of the building functioning as a school at all times which involved major safety and co-ordination issues. Complete and definable segregation was maintained between building operations and the public at all times and the work was completed without any safety incidents involving pupils and staff.